2nd Capture The Flag CTF Challenge Solution- 2016 – SQLi Basic

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I am Black_EyE from Bangladesh.
#** This Video Only for Education Purpose.**#

I am Black_EyE
Today I Wanna Show you how to my 2nd CTF Solution

First Take my Salam
Hope all are well.

Today I wanna show you to my 2nd CTf- Capture The Flag Solution- 2016

Let’s Go.

Welcome To My LAB

I am The Bl4Ck_EyE

Uv Oebgure lbhe Uvag’f va Ivrj Fbhepr :i :Q = Hi Brother your Hint’s in View Source :v 😀

Url Yrrg, V xabj h, jul h svaq uvag.
Un un un !!!! Hfr Oenva Oebgure :Q :*
Hey Leet, I know u, why u find hint.
Ha ha ha !!!! Use Brain Brother 😀 :*

Yeahoo. I got Hint’s
Let’s follow with hints 😀

Hey Brother. you know SQLi ???

Let’s Do SQL

Wow Leet’s
Try your best brother
I am here

Hey I am Not a Hypnotiser
Do u Know Hypnosis

Ha Ha Ha !!!

Power of Knowledge

Uv Oebgure lbhe Uvag’f va Ivrj Fbhepr :i :Q = Hi Brother your Hint’s in View Source :v 😀
again view source 😀


I want to Fuck My Fucking Brain

Hey Leets Take My Salam

Hi, Leet’s
Try your best brother
Pray for me !!!

If any wrong
Forgive me !!!

Ha Ha Ha aha !!!
I just Kidding

Knowledge Should be free

Hi Brother your Hint’s in View Source :v 😀 Again :v
Nothing here. He he Sorry for waste your time leet find another hints :v ;

Now we try to find again and more 😀

No Hints here……… –

No Script here :v :v :v


follow Bellow For Help:

01001000 01000101 01011000 00100000 01111100 01111100 00100000 01010010 01001111 01010100 00110001 00110011



Nothing Here
Find it Another Location :v :v :V

oh!!! we find flag.txt inside of image 😀

1333337 WOW WTF HOW U DID THIS -_- =D wah boss

Send me your Flag Leetwa
Teach me something =D
Hope u liked it and learned something about Stenography

Thanks for Watch my videos and also subscribe my channel
Love u all
Respect all Hackers speicially Muslim Hackers
Take Care
Allah Hafez 😀

Pray for me 😀

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