Indcyberjoker 5th CTF Capture The Flag Challenge Solution by Black EyE – SQLi Basic

Hello guys i m Indcyberjoker from Team Hind Hackers : —
like our page and if u like our team logo so use it 😛
at ur wallpaper : Hope it will help u on next step 😛

THANKS TO ALL MY Friend ,Team Mates and my Family

R VERY CLOSE 2 COMPLETE THE CHALLENGE :p u need to unzip  one more zip file
and the file name is the password 😛 HOPE U WILL WON :p

pm ur solutions at : thanks brother waiting for ur positive rply 3

I can success to find password 😀

he he loLz 😛

Now I use Team Hind Logo :v
I think here was stenography 😀

Agan password :
Now we can try to find again 😀
file name 😀
here file name hind & also rootkhalsa

We got it 😀

This Channel Just for Educational Purpose. One of the best ways is not responsible for the authorities.
Stay With us to Learn Basic SQLi with Manual.

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