How to setup and run brupsuite for Windows – SQLi Basic

I am Black EyE
Today I wanna show you how to use Brupesuite in Windows using browser
Wo we needed to brupesuite.jar

Let’s search 😛

I already have it
Now I open to work it 😛

Let’s goo 😀
Just follow me brother 😀
My internet connection is gone

Now needed to Browser Network settings again
jst follow me

Advancd = Network = Settings = put manual proxy conf.
as port = 8080 and also click SOCKS v4
then press ok
and remove as no proxy for : localhost,

press okk
and lets try to use brupsuite 😀
All are working.

Just Remember it, when your pentest is over, seriously reset the all config in network settings at
your borwser 😀

Thanks for watch and subscribe me 😀
Allah Hafez
and also Thanks in Advance 😀

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