New Tricky SQLi Challenge by Black EyE- 2017 – SQLi Basic

Hi Guys,

Today I wanna post for my simple tricky sqli challenge.

New Tricky SQLi Challenge by Black_EyE

After Long time,

A simple SQLi Challenge for noobz only like me Big Grin

Link: [Don’t Change Parameter]

Rules & Task:

1. Don’t use : version(), @@version,@@GLOBAL.VERSION,@@VERSION_COMMENT for print version.

2. Don’t use information_schema.partitions, information_schema.key_column_usage, information_schema.columns, information_schema.tables,

information_schema.table_constraints for dumping table and columns.

3. Print Poc like my poc.

4. Don’t post or make Any videos. Solution will be published after 5 solvers.

5. Don’t Harm the website plz.

N.B: Keep order by also.


1. Irfan Qadoos

2. Jack Hridoy (from sqliwiki)

3. ehacker (from sqliwiki)



My Poc:


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Allah Hafez

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