Site Design Issue on Facebook Main Domain – SQLi Basic

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Hi Facebook Security Team,

Here is Shaifullah Shaon (Black_EyE), An Ethical Hacker.
a white hat cyber security researcher from Bangladesh reporting a serious
[3’rd ranking in OWASP] security vulnerability on your system.

I faced a technical security bug called “Site Design Issue on Facebook Main Domain”.

Here I can Reset my pass after login to my account.
See the video Carefully.

Let’s Go…
I already login to account.
Now I am going to find password reset option using mozilla privecy mood.
Here I just copy and paste into another tab.
Now Press continue to reset pass.

I hope you understand my point.

Please See my Video Poc for understand clearly. Hopefully Those are Very critical issue.
Resolve those issue as soon as possible.

Here is proof as video concept (unlisted):

Thank you
Shaifullah Shaon (Black_EyE)

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